Merry Christmas

DSC_3314Sitting here in the bright sunshine and warm temperatures that are common here in the Florida Keys, it doesn’t seem possible that Christmas is just around the corner. Michael made me a playlist of my Christmas music which has helped. This year has flown by with lots of changes. Since this time last year, I finished working at Willow Creek. We successfully moved aboard Sea Change since selling our home and we have navigated from Mobile, Alabama along the Gulf Coast until we reached our current hang out, Marathon, Florida in the Keys.

Whew! We summered in the Tampa Bay area and discovered lots of interesting people and places in St Pete. We made new friends and dodged severe weather for hurricane season. We spent July 4th anchored off Gulfport, Florida and enjoyed all the fireworks from the beaches surrounding us. What a glorious experience! This was followed by Mother Nature’s fireworks and a soaking in the rain at 2 am closing up the boat.

We traveled in Sea Change down the western coast of Florida and back with our friends, Jimmie and Sue, on Soul Serenade in June discovering anchorages with peacocks( Longboat Key) and awesome shells ( Gasparilla Key) and peace and beautiful sunsets ( Cayo Costa State Park at Pelican Bay). Cruising the Gulf Coast was a marvelous treat with plenty of interesting sites and lots of learning experiences! ( It was really amazing to discover that lots of the Florida coast is less than 5 1/2 feet deep! Who knew?)

I have decided that manatees are cool and iguanas are scary! Dolphins are elusive if you want to take their picture. Sea turtles are cute and endangered. Florida is hot in the summer and the Keys have very little in the way of beaches  but everywhere is this mesmerizing blue green water in all kinds of moods and conditions.

Michael has worked hard to keep things running aboard Sea Change. He has embraced his inner pressure cooker chef. I have gotten comfortable with flying to work which up until now has been in Arkansas. We are still working on our plan for the New Year which  we hope involves cruising up the east coast of the United States.  I hope to continue to work enough to fund our cruising and keep my license to practice medicine. Michael is looking for the next interesting recipe, the next interesting story someone has to share and the next port. Our plan is to be living on the water for the next year. After that, who knows?

Especially at this time of the year, we miss each of you and hope that the holidays find you happy and healthy and surrounded by love. We are happy, healthy and surrounded by love and blue green salty water.


3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. We feel so fortunate that Sea Changed sailed into Boot Key Harbor and docked a few slips from us in Marathon Marina. Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas to you both. We miss you guys. Here in cool, damp, gray Fayetteville, we are longing for sunny blue skies, but still having fun with parties and family. Enjoy your holiday🍷🍗🏊🏄🎅🎄

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