While it is true that a body at rest tends to stay at rest until acted upon by an outside force, sometimes when the ball gets rolling it seems to pick up momentum. That would be a good description of how things are going at this time. We got an offer on the house. We moved the boat. The house passed inspection. We found a temporary apartment. We have nearly finished packing ready to move. The holidays are upon us and WOW when things start to happen, they sometimes go full tilt.

I have found myself looking around the house over the last few days and feeling sentimental. Michael and I have spent the majority of our married life living in this place. There are good memories and some not so good but our lives have been here for the most part. We have had Tree and PD live with us here. Dominic spent a good deal of his time here. We’ve had Christmases, summers, rain and shine, in-laws and out-laws have been here. Our house has been a home but it is time to move on.

The packing has been furious if not fast. Sorting through the accumulated stuff of nearly 20 years is time consuming and emotionally exhausting. Michael has suggested that I start a letter to the new owners of 2464 N Jimmie Ave. He thinks it will help me to be less sentimental (or weepy) as we finish our move. I started the letter last night and I think that I will leave it with a bottle of champagne. ( Another fine suggestion from Tammie). I have written about how to drive up the driveway and how to back down the driveway, where the owls lived when they nested here, which windows to look out to get the best views of the sunset and explained the hot tub twenty degree rule to keep from freezing body parts. I have many memories that are precious and some not so good from living here. I hope to hold onto the precious and learn from the not so good.

We spent our last night on Jimmie Ave. Michael prepared a lovely dinner of prime rib for two with butternut squash soup and spicy sautéed spinach. We had a nice bottle of wine and wished the new owners well. We have been happy here. I hope they will be too. RJMM


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