Living in Boxes

Sunset, Gulf Shores ALRobin says that I don’t like to live in boxes and she is exactly correct.   We have been packing away most of 20 years of accumulated stuff over the past few months in preparation for our move aboard the boat.   For me, it doesn’t seem to be about the stuff, although I enjoy knowing where every bit of every thing that I own is located.  What I don’t enjoy is being surrounded by boxes of  stuff.   This past week we rented a U-Haul trailer and moved two loads of stuff from the house.  Not all of it was stuff that we actually planned to keep,  but moving it away helped me focus and think better thoughts about our space.

It’s the same way on the boat.   I like having everything put away at all times but somehow respect the boating life.   Most things never go as planned and I must prepare for the resultant complete disarray that results from the most simple project.   Actually, by the time I’m done with a project, I’ve had to search every nook and cranny of the boat to find all the bits needed to complete the project.  I’m certain that I complain to Robin when she leaves stuff out of place,  but she rarely says anything about me removing everything that I might need and with wild abandon, casting it around the salon and cockpit without a care.

Even after far too much wine and discussion, it was far too difficult to determine exactly what we wanted to keep and what was fodder for the dumpster or Potter’s House: our local charity.   Somehow, we have managed to pair things down to the minimum at home, while taking stuff we “might” want or need and packing it away on Sea Change.   I’m certain of two things: One,  we’ll decide that we really didn’t need all this stuff we have stored aboard the boat; and two;  when we unpack all the things that we put in storage we will find ourselves wondering exactly what we were thinking when we packed it.   Suffice it to say we arn’t keeping much if any of our 20 plus year old furnishings and have tried to focus on things that matter most to us.  Hopefully we will remember and cherish this when we re-patriate someday in the future.

As I’m writing this blog entry, tropical storm Karen is working it’s way north in the Gulf of Mexico.  According to predictions, headed north to Mobile Alabama.   Last week we had some time away along the Alabama Gulf Coast in search of place to moor Sea Change while we await our sea change in Northwest Arkansas.  While the media is doing a great job hyping things up,  this is going to be a Category 1 storm and probably pose a minimal threat to the area.   For the record, I’m glad that the boat is still on Beaver and not in Mobile.

Robin and I and Jimmie and Sue made the trip southward last week to check out places to park the boat and do bottom jobs and get ready to cruise.   Right now, it looks like Turner Marine on the Dauphin Island Parkway is going to be the place.   We met the folks and talked with other cruisers and I think we are all satisfied that this is the place.    We also looked into joining Mobile Yacht Club. Slowly we are building the picture of what our short term future my look like when we are not surrounded by boxes.