This Spring hasn’t been a bit conducive to sailing.   We raced two weekends ago and it was incredibly windy and none too warm.  In spite of the wind, and a brand new crew I drove to  a first and a second place for the series.

It warmed briefly earlier in the week and Robin and I escaped to the Kansas City Metro area for some well deserved rest for Robin and a change of view for me.   We managed to secure a nice room at The Elms Hotel and Spa in Excelsior Springs Missouri.  This grand lady of a hotel didn’t disappoint.   It was truly a luxury spa and the accommodations and food were superb.  The weather was fantastic with mild temps in the high seventies.  Robin enjoyed the spa treatment and grotto.  She said that it was the best massage ever.

Thursday morning we beat a path south with frigid 20 mph North winds and temps falling into the upper 30’s. We arrived home, had dinner, and fell quickly asleep.    On Friday, we awoke to almost 2 inches of snow.  All kinds of records being broken,  May 3 marked the record for the latest snow fall ever recorded in Arkansas,  the lowest high temperature for May was broken, as well a couple of record lows.    Frankly,  everyone is ready for flip-flop weather.

Robin’s job has been crazy with ‘the company’ setting up the employees for bidding wars on unfilled shifts.    For Robin, I don’t think the job is nearly as stressful as all the crap that surrounds it–the bureaucracy.  It’s obvious that they don’t care about the most valuable resource-people.

The house has been listed for almost a month.  There has been some interest but not enough for my comfort level.   I am beginning to think that we are priced too high,  but I’m holding out for some kind of offer before we drop the price.    We have held two open houses and I’m not sure that they really have an effect on selling the place.

We are prepared to make substantial drops in the price of the house if only to get out of the space that we are occupying.   Even if everything doesn’t go according to plan,  we still need to downsize substantially.  Our lives and stuff are overflowing with things that we have accumulated.

The plan keeps forming and re-forming, (dare I say deforming),  but as for now we are a “go” to move the boat in late October to Turner Marine, just south of Mobile, AL.  We’ll get pressure washed and I will do the bottom job and get ready to cruise.   This will likely take a few months to get away from the dock.