Are We Crazy

It’s mid April and the cold weather has persisted. In spite, of the less than great weather,  we have already spent 7 nights aboard Sea Change this month and a few nights in March.   Each time we are planning and scheming on where to put things,  how to store things.   Carolyn with boat galley website has been more than helpful with well thought out research on many great boat products.

All that aside,  we have been sharing our plan with many people in our community.  I’m sad to say that most people can’t fathom the fact that we have put our house on the market and are preparing to move aboard the boat in a few months.   Our well thought out plan has been in the works for many years.   We have spent countless days and nights planning most every detail on escaping this American Life and cruising.

I understand that most people who have never spent anytime aboard a sailboat might not understand the motivation.   Even our close friends who actually own boats think that we may have lost our minds.

Both Robin and I feel that there is some irony.  For example,  had we told everyone that we going to sell our house,  place our stuff in storage and buy a large RV and tour America.  Then, most folks would say “Wow,  what a great idea”.  It would seem that with a terrestrial reference,  this makes it okay.    While the medium is different: land versus water,  the plan is similar.    Both Robin and I feel completely comfortable aboard the boat.   The inherent movement with waves, wind, and current is comforting.    We feel at home and at peace on the water.

We aren’t going to be hard core sailors.   There are no plans as of yet to cross oceans.  We have planned to take a slow and easy trip beginning in Mobile, Alabama and working our way south for the winter.   Then begin a slow northward journey along the eastern seaboard of the United States.  Hopefully escaping the summer heat and hurricane season by spending sometime in New England or perhaps the Canadian Maritime provinces.   Then, much like the snowbirds, sojourn southward again and consider a trip into the islands.

We recognize that this lifestyle is not going to last forever.   For us, the window of opportunity is now.   We are still young and healthy enough to enjoy ourselves without being on a short leash to our health which has the possibility of causing us problems as we approach 60.


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