“I love it when a plan comes together”–John “Hannibal” Smith, A-Team

HannibalSmithAfter years of talking about a cruising plan,  things seem to quickly be falling into place.   Robin has interviewed for a job where she won’t have see patients and has the luxury of working remotely–all she needs is a decent internet connection.    We have began to make major preparations to relieve ourselves of many years of accumulated detritus.    In the past few weeks we have taken several truckloads of stuff to our local charities,  I managed to give my ever growing collection of wood for crafts to my best friend David.

In January we spent a small fortune on getting our foundation lifted as well as the subsequent drywall cracks plastered and painted over.   Yesterday, on a trip to Lowe’s, the home improvement store, much to our amazement,  we found an exact match for our carpet.    We filled out the paperwork and are awaiting the installers call to replace our nearly 20 year old carpeting in the main areas of the house.    It would appear that we are well on the way to placing a stake in the yard indicating our intent to sell and move ourselves and Sea Change southward in the Fall of 2013.

Robin and I find ourselves sipping a glass of wine and walking through the house thinking about ridding ourselves of this massive accumulation of possessions.    With each pass,  we find ourselves ready to donate, sell, or pitch the next item.  It came as no surprise to me that Robin would part with most of our furniture,  it’s been around as long as  we have been married or living in home and we both recognized that even in a move to another home or apartment,  we would likely purchase new furnishings.  What surprised me was her attachment to our plants.  I’ve done a fair job keeping “her” now our plants alive for the last 19 years, what I didn’t realize is that most of the plants actually pre-date me.  They are big and strong and love our sunny south facing home.   I searched the internet for a plant adoption agency, but the forms were too long and there were lawyers involved.  So,  we decided to make a few cuttings and take some with us aboard the boat.

We have selected a few items to place in storage for our inevitable return to land.  But, for now,  we are content in leaving Northwest Arkansas with only things that will “comfortably” fit aboard Sea Change–and nothing more.