Published February 20, 2013

Our lives have become so very complicated.  Robin and I are inexorably connected to everything.   Robin has work that is a constant draw on her energy.   I have the sailing club which after being the commodore for 5 years has successfully drained some of my life force.  It is time for a change. It is certainly a time for the break from the day to day norms that we have have come to expect.   I hope to chronicle or journal the next year’s events which if done correctly should lead to having Sea Change on the Gulf of Mexico by the end of hurricane season in 2013.

Both Robin and I enjoy travel and the water and we really enjoy spending time with one another.   She is my best friend.   The plan is to sail away together in an open ended trip.   The plan is to have no plan.

The jump of date is still more than a year away.   So much to consider, so many things to do,  where do we start?